Lonely Hellos

Hello from this little room of mine,
With eyes wide open, mind filled up with thoughts, and images and sounds of your voice.

Hello from this other side with cravings of you, wishes of you, and discomfort of your absence..

Hello from this restless sad bed of mine where I’d push myself into a dream to see nothing but you, your smile, and that beautiful body..

Hello dear, and sweet dreams from my lonely little self..

Conscious Breathing.

I found that knowledge where blaming and arguing never helps,
I held on to conscious breathing as it provides me that ability to maintain silence while you yell and drown your eyes in tears.

You don’t care!! you don’t care!!!,
you yelled,
One, Two, Three,
I hissed as sounds of my heartbeats kept with from regretful words or actions..
You got to me,
I really cared,
I just held on to conscious breathing..

Feed Your Love.

Each of us craves the nourishment of our happiness and love,
Just as our bodies craves food to live and even love.
we seem not to care about nourishing our love, so it withers.
As we feed and support this happiness of ours, we nourish our ability to love.
Love simply means the art of nourishing our happiness..

Am Black

Thanks you for this little flame,
that shines so bright.
when am in shame,
you protects me from flashing sights.

You ignite my ears,
with sounds of ringing bells,
and jingling chains.

You fill the blind’s path with rays,
Mr jailer’s mind with dismay,
seeing themselves as prey,
we conquered without a slay.

We rise,
Our rags turns to fashion,
the dreads turn to style,
the chains now ice.

Our anger now hunger,
Am black,
Am hungry.

Ghetto Beautiful

My ghetto butterfly flew away from me,
I wait patiently, by windows and doorsteps,
Played make believe, as tears rowed down.

I never experienced time flow so slow,
My brains were definitely lost cause I just wasn’t mad at her.

My friends said I had it bad for her, yea I did..
And there were no drugs in the world I rather did, but her..

I wanted to feel it more than madly..
Wanted to swim the currents of her vibrations,
Wanted to caress the sights of her presence.
Honestly, I wanted to undress her to the nakedness of not her body but my feelings..
Pure Love..

I should have crossed some lines, perhaps she would have loved it…

But this is now and not then.
No magnitude to encompass the latitude of whatever I had for her.

A Visit To Nature.

A visit to a world where there are more greens,
than bricks.

A world without cloud of violence, but sounds of silence,
That rustles,
And tweets straight to our minds.

A world with the purest of fluids,
The deepest of roots,
The freshest of morning fumes,

A world that heals,
A world without steels,
A world that reveals,
the clearest of views.

A visit to a world that improves our mindfulness,
A world that offers self finding,
Not self loosing,
A world we really don’t see as comforting,
but one,

Where the moon and stars look after our poor little sleep.